Monday, December 12, 2011

Master Procrastinator

After hours of hair-pulling, soul-searching, and divine inspiration my ProComp paper is FINALLY done! And what do I have to show? The 7 deadly methods of procrastination.

1. Decorating the apartment for Christmas!

2. Taking pictures of Matt the Mole.

 3. Checking facebook multiple times during the day...even when I knew there would be no new stories.

4. Making a random trip to Pete's Frootique and buying exotic fruit that was on sale.

5. Watching youtube videos of cute animals...pretty sure that consumed at least 45 minutes of my life yesterday...

 6. Procrastibaking. See yesterday's blog post.

7. Trying a random recipe for Chicken Fingers, found at Busy Girl Healthy Life. Of all times to deviate from my quickie staples and go for something new...but it was delicious!

There are other things that should be on the list, such as online window shopping, napping, and searching recipes for a potluck this coming Thursday. Needless to say, the paper is done...and was handed in a whole 68 minutes early! Now if that isn't keen, I don't know what is ;).

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