Sunday, April 1, 2012

A very non-April Fools Day

You won't find any jokes here today, although I suppose it's a little late to post them anyways. Instead, I'm going to share a few fun facts from the last 48 hours!

Fact #1: My friends Chris and Sam got married yesterday!!

Not only was I happy to join Chris and Sam on their big day but I was blown away by the fact that the wedding cake was made by Chris and his mother-in-law. Seriously...take a good look at it. He is officially the cake master!

Fact #2: Chris is secretly asian at heart.

This actually isn't much of a secret. I am 110% certain that he has read more anime than I have! My sisters and I have pretty much adopted Chris as the brother we never had!

Fact #3: In the picture below, I am holding the world's best chocolate chip cookie.

There are actually no words to describe these cookies (made by Chris' mom) which I tried for the first time 17 years ago. Let's just say that when me and my friends found out these were the wedding favours we were tempted to book it to the back table and stuff our purses full of them. We would probably even knock little old ladies over to get our hands on these!!

Fact #4: Everything is cuter when it's round and fuzzy.

The picture speaks for itself (and no, I'm not referring to you Helen :P).

Fact #5: I take the best self-pics in the world.

Again, the picture speaks for itself.

Fact #6: There should be a driving test for anyone who rents a U-HAUL.

Do you see anything off in this picture? Take a close look at the fire hydrant. I think the driver was a little too sharp on the corner!

(Embarassing) Fact #7: The Bieb's new song might be growing on me.

I wish I could say this was an April Fools joke but that would be a lie. I can't even say anything to defend myself!! And has anyone seen the sneak peek of the music video for Boyfriend? The one where there are a dozen girls' hands grabbing at him? Since when did this kid grow up??

Fact #8: It is possible to dance SO HARD that you rip your pants from butt to mid-thigh.

No pictures for this one...and don't even ask (all I will say is that it didn't happen to me!!).

Happy first day of April!! :)

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