Thursday, April 12, 2012

A suspected fracture

Reason #57 why I can't study today: a suspected scaphoid fracture...

Yup, as I was getting ready for clinic this morning I tripped over some anatomy textbooks and fell on my outstretched right hand. What resulted was a trip to the emergency department.

Thankfully this friendly guy fixed me up for the moment with a beautiful thumb spica splint.

Funny story is that when I got to emerg, my other classmate Justin was also in need of some splinting...looks like I wasn't the only clumsy one!

Fine, fine. I am a horrible liar! We actually had a splinting session this afternoon for Clinical Skills where got to apply volar wrist splints and thumb spica splints on each other as well as a Robert Jones bandage and a posterior slab on a volunteer.

Dave did an awesome job on the thumb spica splint. Much more than I can say of mine. haha.

All splinted up and ready to go! I guess this means I should get back to studying....*sigh*


  1. I would have believed you if it wasn't for the "emergency department personnel" wearing street clothes! Instant giveaway.

  2. Hahaha...So true!! I should have photoshopped a white coat onto my classmate :D.