Sunday, April 29, 2012

The week(end) in pictures

I wish I could say that there has been minimal blogging past week because I've been working night and day on my procomp paper. Unfortunately that's not the case (booooooo!). I had a presentation at the IWK Children's Hospital on Friday which literally sucked every spare moment of my non-procrastinating time.

I could show the week in pictures but it would literally be of me pulling my hair out and sitting in the floor of the living room...and eating lots of yogurt and granola. So instead this post is about a weekend of fun spent with wonderful friends and great food!

Friday evening - when there was finally time to pause and enjoy a good meal...gotta love sushi coupons for Hamachi House!!

*all in my tummy*

Post-sushi coma: walking down to the Metro Center. The weather was chilly but beautiful!

Me and my roomies got tickets to Stars on Ice which was directed by Kurt Browning this year!!!

We were just a LITTLE excited to say the least ;)

Kurt the flesh!!! Unfortunately most of my pictures turned out like this. That's what I get for only using my iPhone *sigh*

Clearest picture I took from the night...and probably the only one where the lady in front of me was sitting up as straight as possible so I couldn't avoid the top of her head.

It was an amazing show! I particularly enjoyed the performances by Virtue & Moir, Ashley Wagner, and Shawn Sawyer (but they were ALL great!).

Post-Stars on Ice the Asian Aunties went to celebrate Buble's birthday! Happy 30th :).

And an honourable mention goes out to JP...just because you often mention my blog in our conversations and it makes me feel special :P.

 Saturday morning I celebrated another birthday of a very dear friend - Jessie! We went to Saege Bistro and had a much-needed catch-up.

Happy birthday to you!!!

I ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon. Words cannot describe how perfect that Hollandaise sauce was!

I guess this post would have been more appropriately named Eighteen Hours of the Weekend in Pictures.  Haha. I will definitely have more time this week for blogging but it's crazy how fast the weeks are flying by. Only 3 weeks until the summer!

And now it's time to finish start my procomp paper. Someone please save me!


  1. that sushi platter looked amazing! i need one of those when i come back to Hali for a visit. Hamachi?

    1. Hamachi it is! And the platter was absolutely incredible. I am already dreaming of the next time I will have it :).

      When are you back in Hali?