Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another unit bites the dust

It's hard to believe that another unit of med school is behind me. The last five weeks of MSK/Derm actually FLEW by, but thankfully I don't feel like I've been run over a train like the last exam.

As tempting as it to go into depth of how I think the exam went I'd rather focus on happier what I had for dinner last night ;). But just because I love the photosynth app on my iPhone, here's a look into the anatomy of my study space for the past week.

Yes, apparently it's necessary for me to take up 2 couches and half the floor when studying!!

As per tradition, two of my classmates and I went out for a celebratory post-exam dinner. This time around we decided to try Brussels which specializes in modern and traditional Belgian dishes, located in Granville Square in downtown Halifax.

I ordered the fish of the day which was salmon, served with a side of vegetables and potatoes. Apologies for the poor quality of the picture below. The lighting was dim and I didn't want to use my flash!

As far as service goes, Brussels was excellent! Our server was charming and very attentive to our table. The salmon was cooked to perfection! But as far as the sides go I wasn't impressed. The vegetables and potato literally tasted like they had been boiled and spooned onto my plate. It's not that they tasted bad but there just wasn't anything special about them.

Adam and me (plus a smaller but brighter picture of the salmon dish...)

I hate to say bad things about the meal because the salmon was SO good! Who knows, maybe the sides are just hit-and-miss. That's what I'm hoping because when I sampled the Belgian fries, ribs, and steak from Helen and Adam's plates I was delightfully impressed.

MSK/Derm, it was nice knowing you! The countdown to the end of school is on!!

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