Saturday, April 14, 2012

5k Lung Run: 31 seconds stronger!

Four hours ago I was waiting with excitement with over 500 people for the 2012 Credit Union Lung Run to begin.

The race was first held in 2007 by The Lung Association of Nova Scotia and raise awareness of lung disease while promoting a healthy lifestyle through reduction of tobacco use and through physical activity. The race also raises money to support programs and services for people affected by lung disease (Source).

There are several reasons why I love this race other than the fact that it's for a good cause. Well, mainly one reason. The route is probably the flattest 5k stretch in all of Halifax. It's almost like the person who planned the course knew about my intense hatred of running uphill :P.

This was my second year in a row to do the Lung Run so I'm starting to build myself a little collection of t-shirts. I really love the design and colour of the shirt this year (2011 on the left, 2012 on the right).

The design this year was oh-so-slimming plus the color didn't clash with my skin tone like the orange-red tee. Orange-red + asian skin = *shudder*. Not that it really matters though. I'm honestly just glad to have a new running shirt!

Shameless selfie in the bathroom. You would think I was a teenager again...

It was a perfect day for the run. Warm weather with a slightly cool breeze. It felt great to be outside!

But when I was waiting in line to pick up my kit I started to get a bit nervous. Now, I am by no means a slug when it comes to running but I'm also not a world-class sprinter. Nooooooot even clooooose!!! So when I saw people who came in their own fancy-schmancy unitard or varsity athlete tracksuit it gave me butterflies.

I actually had to refocus and keep telling myself that I just wanted to beat my time from last year. Just beat 23:49 despite the fact that my IT band has been tight, I've been having meniscal pain for the past 2 weeks and relentless shin splints in the past month.

My body is falling apart on the tender age of 24.

I was smart enough to pop a few extra strength ibuprofen before leaving my apartment so all pain was gone within 30 minutes (although it will probably come back to haunt me tomorrow morning). Despite all this the run was great!! I didn't have any way to track my time but it felt like I was going at a decent pace.

As I caught sight of the finish line my eyes locked in to the runner ahead of me and I told myself that I had to pass her. I had to...or else I would be a failure. I picked up my pace, lengthened my stride, and overtook her. From there it was just a couple dozen meters to the end and I sprinted happily across the finish line. Yes, happily because I caught sight of the timer on the side and knew that I was under 23:49.

Ends up my time was 23:18...a whole 31 seconds faster than last year! Sure it's not significantly better but I am still ecstatic that I didn't decline like I thought.

Goal for next year: beat Unknown Unknown :P.

The reception was at the Halifax Farmers Market (could there be a better venue? I think not!) where all the runners were well-fed and refreshed.

I also saw my friend Angie who's the one who gave me the little extra encouragement to sign up for the race this year and join Team Frito. Thanks Angie :).

All-in-all it was a great race and I am a very happy runner. Can't wait for next year!!

(Hark, is that a beam shining down from Heaven? :P)


  1. Hey! Just found your blog! I recently got into running and am trying to improve my time, though I think I would die from disbelief If I managed to get 23.18! GREAT JOB!!! I also really love the shirts y'all got!

    1. Aww...thanks Michelle!! That's great to hear that you've gotten into running. It's definitely addictive :). And I was absolutely shocked last year to see that I got under 25 minutes. I really think it's because the route was very flat...and I always perform better when there's the "pressure" of the race. Haha.