Monday, November 30, 2009

Did someone say all-you-can-eat SUSHI?!?!

This past weekend I got to visit my long-time (9 1/2 years and counting) friend, Morgan in London, Ontario. Although it was a short visit it was filled with great friends, great promenades (walks), great movies, and great food!

One place that I would like to highlight is Wondersushi, my first encounter with all-you-can-eat sushi and all I can say is WOW! I was blown away. I am not a sushi expert by any stretch of the imagination but here is how I would compare it to Halifax:

Quality (based on my still inexperienced palate)
- Wondersushi: 4/5
- Sushi Nami: 4/5

- Wondersushi: 5/5 (they had all-you-can-eat ice cream which is why I'm giving it full marks)
- Sushi Nami: 4/5

Quantity for Cost
- Wondersushi: 5/5 ($25 for all-you-can-eat)
- Sushi Nami: 2/5 ($25 will get you...half full? Maybe 3/4 full)

This was round #2. We actually had to stack dishes on top of one another for everything to fit on the table.

Wondersushi is the clear winner. Only downside is you have to pay regular price for all the leftovers so there is great pressure to finish everything you order. They are really sneaky too. They came by regularly to fill up our tea pot and took some time to bring out the food (maybe because they were busy preparing it...but I would like to think they were waiting for the food to settle). ALSO, when we ordered Round #2 there were still items from Round #1 that hadn't come was a bit...overwhelming. For this reason, I need to add another rating category:

Feeling upon leaving restaurant
- Wondersushi: 2/5 ... I was so stuffed I had to take my belt OFF. Yes, off. I actually considered self-induced regurgitation so that I would feel comfortable. It hurt to hurt to breathe.
- Sushi Nami: 4/5 ... You aren't full but you appreciate everything you've eaten. Still slim at end.

Does this mean I would eat at Sushi Nami over Wondersushi? No, but let's just say I've learned my lesson. Eyes are bigger than stomach o.O

In the meantime, I look forward to my next trip to Wondersushi and my wallet will keep me from indulging in the average-quality sushi in Halifax.

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