Friday, November 13, 2009


Once again I am distracted from what I really should be prep...more work. This time the culprit is Youtube. I went to the site to get the link to a music video for a friend when one of the "videos being viewed right now" caught my eye.

The song? Wedding Dress. Artist? TaeYang. When I first played it I was multitasking between multiple internet windows. But when I saw the last 15 seconds and was utterly confused I had to watch it again. Watch from the link's okay if you don't understand. I don't either. It is Korean.

Seriously, TaeYang's plans are foiled time and time again by "Mr. Right". How tragic...

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  1. I think I heard some English in there over the Korean. "Should have been my lady" and "Wedding dress" seem to be in there several times. So he was going to propose to her, and then the best friend came in and snagged her... that's tough.