Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Neanderthal Man vs. The Cookie Jar

This morning I was talking with some coworkers and found out we have one thing in common at this time of the year: intense cravings for CARBS.

It probably doesn't help that my work is situated within a 10 minute walk of several coffee shops where oatcakes are sold in plenty...nor does it help that a representative for United Way asked me to bake some goodies for an upcoming IWK Foundation meeting.

This whole situation makes me think back to a conversation I had with a guy at work about a year ago. He said that the reason we crave carbs at this time of year is because our 'Neanderthal ancestors' packed on the pounds before the hard winter season. Well answer me this, Neanderthal Man: Why didn't our brains evolve with our stomachs? After a long day of sitting at work, why do I come home, sit some more by the woodstove with hot chocolate and cookies in hand? Why do we get caught up in the vicious cycle of eating junk, feeling like junk, and then eating more to make ourselves feel better? ...What's that? No answers? I thought so.

Anyways, I digress. After coming home from work tonight I made some brownies ( and deluxe sugar cookies from my mom's trusty Betty Crocker Cookbook. These two recipes are staples in my world of baking.

So moist and chewy. I decided to dust with icing sugar!

Not exactly sure why but this pic doesn't orientate the right way. These are the deluxe sugar cookies with coloured sugar crystals on top.

Both are very easy to make and yield fantastic results! And might I say that the cookie dough for the sugar cookies is my favourite in the world. So just melts in your mouth. I admit that sometimes me and my sisters will just make the cookie dough and sit in front of the TV eating it by the bowlfull. Thank goodness for fast metabolism...I'll enjoy it while it lasts :D.

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