Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Don't Forget Your Mittens!

Temperature at 6:47am: -1 degrees Celcius
Attire at 6:47am: winter coat, scarf, mittens, leggings, ballet flats.

Can you guess the unwise clothing choice? Yes, the leggings & ballet flats. I realized how ridiculous I looked with the bare flesh of my feet showing the second I stepped out the door and saw a thick layer of frost and patches of ice on the ground. Alas, it was too late to turn back...I was already late for my bus.

The cold wasn't so bad until I was actually stationary, waiting for the bus. That's when it hit me. My feet went numb...then they started hurting. *stupid...stupid*.

I automatically thought of my mom who, before I leave in the mornings says "Do you have your cell phone? Do you have your bus tickets? Don't forget your mittens!" As many times as I roll my eyes and say "Yes mom", I really do appreciate it. This morning her only comment was "It's chilly outside today". Maybe she was trying to be more subtle. Or maybe she just didn't notice my bare feet.

So for now I will continue enjoying the warmth of my office, although I am not looking forward to the return trip home.

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