Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harry Potter and the...what happens??

For the longest time I was against reading the Harry Potter books. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the series coming from my high school and even from some friends. Over the summer my cousin, shocked that I had never watched any of the movies let alone read the books, convinced me to give The Philosopher's Stone a try. That was back in June and since then I've watched all the movies released to date and tonight I finished The Half Blood Prince.

In a way, I wonder what kept me from reading them for so long. I conjured this idea in my mind that the series would be somehow insulting, but reading them has proved my theory wrong. There are also parents/teachers/book reviewers who say the series gets darker with each book...but I'd like to disagree. Yes, Harry gets steps closer to destroying his arch-nemisis but it's no different than how Frodo is one step closer to destroying the ring in LOTR. And it's true that Harry does feel anger and the need for revenge but the author always comes back to his most powerful weapon being love.

All this might change, of course, once I read the final book...Potter might kill everyone in his path and crown himself as the new lord...but I am going to give it the chance to prove me wrong :). And I have to's strange not knowing what's going to happen in the next book since in all the previous ones I watched the movie beforehand. And everyone has done a great job in keeping the story a secret. Looking forward to finishing the series :).

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