Monday, June 4, 2012

Beautiful BC, Part 2 - Victoria

Have you ever visited a place that you felt like you could call home? That pretty much sums up my experience in Victoria, BC. It reminded me of Halifax in many ways - smaller city with everything you need, ocean right at your fingertips, friendly people. But what it has in addition are mountains and a Chinatown :P.

I can definitely see myself living in Victoria and am already thinking of when I can go back next!

So to sum up the Victoria/Vancouver Island experience, here are my top 10 highlights.

1. West Coast Waffles - this place knows how to make a good anytime of the day! I treated myself to the mango coconut waffle with yogurt for brekkie and it was a heavenly combination. Check out their menu. I definitely want to try the Johnny Mac waffle sometime (apple, bacon, and brie cheese? Oh yeah!!).

2. Hiking Mount Doug - this was an easier hike compared to Grouse Grind (it also wasn't raining) and had a gorgeous view of the city from the top.

3. Chinatown - this is the oldest Chinatown in Canada and has a very cute character to it. We took a trip down Fan Tan Alley and came out the other side to a bunch of Chinese restaurants and...bubble tea (of course)!

4. Cowichan Bay - this is practically a piece of Heaven on earth. If you are looking for a somewhere that is quaint and relaxing then this is the right place. I could have sat on the dock all day...

5. True Grain Bakery - located in Cowichan Bay. I ordered the almond croissant and a sesame cheese bread twist. I swear that my mouth waters when I still think about them! I have never eaten baked goods that were so delicious in my life!!

6. Qualicum Beach - a beautiful rugged beach where we left our mark ;). After a long day we came back here to relax on a patio for a late lunch, followed by ice cream!

7. Goats on the Roof @ Coombs - we stumbled upon this place completely by chance. And yes, my friends...there are actually goats on the roof of this market!

8. Cathedral Grove/Cameron Lake - words cannot describe how beautiful this area is. The forest houses giant redwood trees that are hundreds of years old. We made the forest our playground :).

9. Qualicum Falls - again, a beautiful spot! This was a random stop on our drive back to Victoria and I'm glad we made it!

10. Beacon Hill Park - what other park do you know that has peacocks roaming freely about? I can't think of any! This is the closest I've ever come to a peacock in my life (it was literally a few feet from me). At Beacon Hill Park you can see the Terry Fox Mile 0 monument and then cross the street to catch breathtaking views of mountains. We came just in time for an incredible sunset too!

11. Sushi (bonus) - Sorry, I just can't limit myself to 10 highlights because what trip is complete without sushi? In our late-night desperation my roomie and I stumbled upon Azuma sushi (all the other sushi restaurants weren't open at 9:30pm on a Thursday night) and had a meal that did not disappoint! Not as cheap as in Vancouver but still delicious!

Victoria, BC...thanks for an amazing 2 days!! I can't wait to come back!!


  1. Is there bubble tea in Hali? You seem very excited by it...which is fine and dandy, it just seems like it might be a novelty for you. I've never had it. I'm kind of grossed out by it. There's a frosen yogurt place here where you get your own yogurt then put toppings on, and the bubble things are one topping. I tried one was real slimy. Maybe you need to teach me your bubble tea ways *cough...when you come to London...cough*.

    1. Hahaha. Not slimy at all! Well, I guess you could say that the pearls are slimy but I think of them more as chewy :). And yes, I will teach you the art of bubble tea drinking when I come!! I still have to find the best weekend but it will definitely happen!

    2. And yes, there is "bubble tea" in Hali but it's nowhere near as good as what you can get in a real Chinatown. Maybe I'll open up my own shop here on the East Coast... ;)