Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thoughts on...The Bachelor Games

Since my last post I've been doing a bit of relaxing. Actually, I've been doing a lot of relaxing and catching up with my family. It's funny that I see them almost every weekend when I go home for church but it's still not quality time. It usually consists of me sitting at my computer, pounding away at some case for the next week...or drowning in a pile of study notes and textbooks. Over the past few days I've had a lot of laughs with my sisters and mom (one of them involving me literally getting stuck in a dress and then realizing that there was a zipper on the side *blush*).

Holidays also mean that I get to do things that I usually don't, such as:
  • shopping (for clinic clothes, mind you),
  • getting a haircut (the number of split ends was just embarassing),
  • going to a bachelor party (fiiiine, it was a party to watch the finale of The Bachelor)
  • reading a book (Hunger Games) for fun!

The Bachelor

I don't consider myself a hardcore Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but my friend Jessie somehow manages to get me sucked into it every few years :P. The last time was two summers ago when Ally was the Bachelorette.

Roberto vs. Chris

Yes, I was rooting for Chris that year. I wonder if he's still single :P.

This time I went into the finale with a clean slate. That's right, I hadn't seen any other episodes of the season which made it really interesting when it came to my impression of Courtney Robertson. From first impressions I was won over by Lindzi's charm but I definitely didn't hate on Courtney like the rest of the world did. Yes, I did find her to be a tad very self-absorbed but she was cute at times and there was way more chemistry between her and Ben.

When I went home I ended up watching a clip on youtube that first shows "The Women Tell All" episode and then dozens of clips of Courtney throughout the season.

Based solely on what I had seen from the finale and the first part of "the women tell all", I actually felt really bad for Courtney. Sure I had heard about all the horrible things that she said and did but she seemed to have some serious regrets (even if her apologies and regrets were for the purposes of getting the Bachelor, as others told me).

Then I saw the mash up of Courtney clips from all the previous episodes and was literally floored. FLOORED. She really did seem like a different person!! I will say no more...

All in all it was a very fun night! Jessie had prepared some BENGO cards (the best version of BINGO EVER!!). I was very close to calling out BENGO...

So close, in fact that I tricked our host and ended up getting my very own rose!


Hunger Games

For the longest time I've thought, What's the big deal with this book? Why is every single person reading it??

Well my questions were answered last night when I borrowed it from my sister. I started Hunger Games around 7pm and was still reading it by 1am. I literally couldn't stop turning the pages! The only reason I stopped myself was that I remembered that this was the first book in a series...then I had the horrible thought that I may not be satisfied with the ending and would be kept up all night. So 60 pages to the end I stuck in my bookmark and called it a day.

This morning I speedily finished the book and have to admit that I see what all the hype is about. It's a unique story that beautifully paints the scenes before your eyes (without boring you with minute details). It's also written in the first person which made me feel connected to Katniss, the main character, on a whole other level.

I'm currently counting down to the movie premiere. I'm also pressuring my sister to speed read through the sequel so that I can snatch it from her right after :P.

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Yes, but I want it after YOU'RE done with it so YOU have to hurry up with it as well!!!
    Candace ;)

  2. Haha. Don't worry Candace...if it's anything like the first book then I'll be done it in a day :).