Sunday, March 4, 2012

Retail Therapy

It's quite possible that I took a little break from studying yesterday to make a *little* purchase... 

In my defense, the kidneys were kicking my butt!! After all that discouragement I needed something uplifting, right?

And it didn't help that my sister had a gift card that she generously passed along to me...the nerve of her :P. 

Plus I've been sick since Wednesday...Ok, so that really has nothing to do with my purchase. I'm just desperately trying to grasp for sympathy now.

All that being said, I love my new clutch! It's leather with a purple interior and is the perfect size for carrying all the little necessities of life. The wrist strap can easily clip onto the other end to transform it into a small purse.

And the customer service was phenomenal! I know it's just a part of retail but the sales associate who helped me was very friendly (without being pushy). Gift wrapping the clutch gave the whole experience that extra special touch :).

This may be the beginning of a loyalty to Coach. Something's telling me my Visa bill may be a little upset with this new relationship.

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