Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Practice what you preach" Fitness Challenge 2012

Speaking as someone who will be a doctor in just over 2 years (ahhh!! how is the time flying by so quickly??) I know that there are a lot of responsibilities put on health care professionals when it comes to patient care. But one of the unspoken responsibilities (at least for me personally) is following the advice that we give. We are the faces of healthcare, after all.

Although I try to do this, there are days where I honestly would rather not go to the gym, or where I give into that second slice of cake (and third...and fourth), or where that strawberry margarita tastes soooo good. 

Luckily for me, I'm in a class filled with keeners...and there's one guy in particular who went above and beyond to organize the first annual...

 Practice What You Preach: Health Professions Fitness Challenge

The challenge was to have as many health care professional students participate in a 5km or 10km walk/run, and the class with the greatest participation would win. Physio ended up taking home the well-deserved trophy :).

It was a beautiful morning for the run. Clear skies, a cool breeze, and very little wind.

Med II/III ready to rock the race!

Although I was tempted to take my phone along to capture the scenery around Point Pleasant Park I eventually accepted the fact that I would probably hate myself after 10 minutes of running with it in my hand. Sadly, this means no pics of the race itself :(.

I wasn't in the best of conditions to run this morning but I still had fun! I tried to ignore everyone else around me and see this as a race against myself. I really wanted to get under an hour and was optimistic of beating my last 10km race time of 56:32. My other goals were to go the whole race without walking (especially up hills) and to sprint to the finish.

Ends up I reached all my goals today! While I'm not positive of my time I think it was somewhere around 52 minutes. I can't wait to see the official results :).

Post-race, proud of our accomplishment

The running man himself - Mike Steeves. Thanks for organizing this awesome event!

After the race a group of us went to Coastal Cafe for lunch. It's one of my favourite places to go for comforting, quality breakfast food.

After several minutes of contemplating the menu, I decided to go with the Forager:

Omelette with fancy mushrooms, herbs, and goats cheese with a warm new potato and micro green salad, Dijon sauce and whole wheat toast.

Besides being absolutely delicious, it was exactly what my body needed to refuel. Well, that and a cup of coffee.

Happy Sunday!

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