Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Hungry Obsession

You'd think that being on March Break would equate to blogging every single day. Well apparently not because I've had a few distractions lately.

It's not shopping. I got most of that out of my system on Tuesday!

Hellooooo coloured jeans (please ignore my battered feet)!

It's not BBC's Planet Earth that I borrowed from my friend Sarah (aka Pastor Sarah...she's doing her Masters of Divinity right now). Although I admit that I can easily get lost in watching footage in the wild while listening to David Attenborough's comforting voice.

Baby panda...I wonder if I could sneak him into my apartment...

And surprisingly, it's not baking!  Apparently I do most of my baking around exam time as a form of procrastination. Although I must say, I baked what are possibly the best brownies of life the other day and am ecstatic to share it in a future post!

The truth is... I'm officially obsessed with Hunger Games. Obsessed. And there's a part of me that hates admitting that because of all the hype right now but the books are just so freakin' well-written!! Yesterday my older sister graciously lent me her copy of Catching Fire (second in the series) before she had even finished it herself. Talk about sacrifice! Ends up that at 3am my light was still on because I literally could not put it down.

But finishing the book wasn't enough this time around. I ended up running out to buy Mockingjay (the final book) with my sister when...

*insert angelic voices*

Why buy one book for $20 when I could just buy all three for $45? I mean...I'm really saving myself $15, right?

Well, if there was any doubt of my obsession this officially removes it. And if I stay up all night reading this book there's really no one to blame but myself...

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