Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye Metabolism II

In case you're wondering if I've fallen off the face of the planet, fear not! I still live! Unlike my last exam I've really had no time for blogging in the past few days.


I know, I know!! Blogging is pretty much synonymous with life! So how did I exist/persevere through the past few days, especially when all slides were beginning to look like this:

Well, it was really the little things in life...

Like my roommate sending me pictures of her dog. Yes, Cocoa is being swaddled here :).

Or taking a latte break at the Smiling Goat.

And bumping into classmates (and their adorable children) during the aforementioned latte break! Please note the subtle hot chocolate mustache :).

My other roomie was an absolute angel and made me dinner last night! Avocado pasta...mmmm!

She also made some salt & vinegar popcorn later in the night. Am I lucky...or am I lucky?

With the exam finally over I do feel a little lost. That won't last for long though ;). I think I just need a good night's sleep before I make my next ToDo List. Yeeeeeah, that good night's sleep probably won't happen tonight :P.

As per tradition, my roommates and Adam went out for dinner to celebrate our freedom! The selection? Chives.

I was so excited when the bag of buttermilk biscuits arrived at the table! I had heard so much about them!

Served warm with butter and molasses. They lived up to their reputation! 

I ended up ordering the braised cardamom curried lamb: Coconut lentil rice pilaf, chana masala, "quickled" beets, cucumber raita, apple cilantro chutney, and spiced cashews. 

The entree was absolutely delicious! I'm glad that I switched my order at the last minute.

And as a (not-so) side note, we were not only celebrating the end of our Metabolism II unit but also Marion's acceptance into Med School!!! Wahooo!!! She's going to make an amazing doctor :).

I guess that makes us an apartment full of future physicians. Watch out world! The asian aunties will all soon be set loose in the wards! ;)

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