Friday, February 10, 2012

The hills

In case you were wondering if I dropped off the face of the planet I want to let you know that I'm still alive and well. But what could I have possibly been doing since my last post on Monday? Well, I did make myself another portobello burger and bake a batch of Anne's favourite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...

For the love of cookie dough!

But the truth of the matter is's study time


Yup, I'm trying to get into hardcore mode again and it surprisingly gets more difficult everytime! I think I'm going at a rate of approximately 2 lectures a week. Yes, I realize that needs to change considerably given that we have 1 month until our exam and already 2 months of material to master.

Maybe that explains my recent late-night baking urge as well as my sudden love for running outside in the cold. Today 2 classmates and I did a 7.32km run around the Halifax waterfront, the Commons, and Citadel Hill. 

It feels so good to be running outside, especially now that I have decent gear to do so! My only enemy is the hills. I think my body rejects even a 5 degree's pretty sad. So it wasn't too happy when it saw the incline in the picture below. In fact, I think my body was silently screaming profanities.

But to be completely honest, I do secretly love the challenge of hills (even though I crawl up them at a snail's pace) and I love the feeling of my legs being sore after a good run. I also love refueling my body with yummy snacks :P.

Mmmm...peanut butter!!!

7.32km seems like a far cry from a full marathon but hopefully my body will start accepting longer runs. Maybe I'll just have to start carrying snack packs of peanut butter with me for fuel...and maybe some chocolate as well ;).

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  1. Or PB and chocolate together! My personal fave! ;)

    Good job, girl! Those hills look very impressive on the graph! I hate hills too...