Sunday, February 26, 2012


While millions of people are watching the Academy Awards at this moment I'm still gloating about last night's epic show! Countless hours of hard work and dedication paid off when the Class of 2014 (yes, that's my class!) won the title of EUPHORIA CHAMPIONS!!

Judges announcing the Med II's win

To say that being a part of the show was a high is an understatement. All the little details we worried about during practice seemed to come together magically! And the audience was incredible...their energy was so high that it was hard NOT to smile during the performance.

I wish I could do the night justice...but I can't. However, thanks to a classmate putting up videos on YouTube (you're the best Tals!!!) and the power of screen shots, I've captured some highlights from each scene.

Oliver's Twoberty Party
(Please ignore projector pole in the middle of all these pictures)


The Mighty Jungle

Fighting Gravity

And we danced, and we cried, and we laughed, and had a really Really REALLY GOOD TIME!!

Some fun behind-the-scenes pics:
Trying on our frog costumes for the first time!!

What the...f'ostrich???

After the show, during intermission. I almost didn't want to take my costume off!! Except for the fact that it was basically a human incubator.

And of course, what is Euphoria without the after party? I may have gotten into some trouble with these sketchy characters :P.
A big shout out to ALL the med school classes for an amazing night! You guys are awesome!!

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